About Me

Why hello there! Welcome to my website. I am so excited you came to visit with me. I assume you stumbled across my page because you are interested, or flirting with the idea of having your photos taken by a professional photographer. Let me save you some time by explaining why it is so important. We all know that we live in extraordinary times. We can take photos of our lives, and the lives of our loved ones, and share them with the world in a matter of seconds. I am a firm believer in documenting our lives through photography. However, never mistake a snapshot from a true unique portrait that talented and knowledgeable photographers like myself can capture for you. When my clients feel joy to see their gorgeous portraits hanging on their wall everyday, it makes everything I do worth it. I am not your average Photographer. I go through a number of processes with you so that I am able to take the best portrait you’ve ever seen of yourself or your loved ones. I am confident in my ability to do this because I don’t just take your photo. I find out who you are and I capture it.

I am looking forward in getting to know who you are. I want you to take part in this experience and walk away with something that’s timeless who both you or your loved ones can cherish forever. Because that is what photographs are, a piece of time that will outlive us for generations.

Mary BeVard is a portrait photographer based on Long Island New York. She is also a proud mother, wife, and self development enthusiast. She has an enormous amount of passion and it strongly shows through her work as a visual artist.
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