"All of your insecurities are temporarily washed away and you feel radiant, strong, important".

I can only speak for myself, but I feel for most of us these photo shoots WEREN'T on our radar...heck it never even entered my mind to ever do anything like this!! Until I saw a post from a friend. Something magical happens with Mary during these photo shoots. The range of emotions are endless...nerves, fear and uncertainty at the start along with intimidation. JoAnne the makeup artist does her magic and suddenly you feel different..beautiful.stronger, more confident! Then Mary brings you into her world she guides you along..you begin to drop your defenses you fall under her spell of creativity and feel ALIVE!! She has a way of making you feel comfortable & confident. She clearly has a vision & makes them come to life. All of your insecurities are temporarily washed away and you feel radiant, strong, important. it's very empowering. When you see the final results of your photos you are enamored!!! Mind blowing xoxo

10 out of 10!!!


"It’s an amazing experience to focus on yourself and capture your spirit on camera"

Do this ! Don’t feel shy! It’s an amazing experience to focus on yourself and capture your spirit on camera . Mary is a sweetheart and super talented. I felt completely comfortable and inspired. She has great ideas and she gets to know you beforehand…during your consult , the style and personality of your professional shoot is designed around you . This isn’t glamour shots...this is whole other level. Let your inner beauty shine through! With the help of some fantastic artistry and great makeup and lighting. I would highly recommend Mary BeVard Studios . You’re worth it!


"I left feeling like a million bucks"!

I wanted to get professional headshots done for my business and was very nervous to have my photo taken. Mary made me feel so comfortable and confident during the whole session. I had admired her work through Instagram for years and loved how her goal was to make women of all ages feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. I was able to coordinate meeting up with her on a recent vacation New York. She made the most of our couple hours together with creative ideas for shots and great direction so that I looked my best in every photo. She has a wonderful eye and talent for photography. Her high energy personality and positivity was infectious and I left feeling like a million dollars thanks to her and her amazing stylist Joanne. The final retouched photos were awesome and she was great about making sure I was happy with the result even so I had very few edits to her work. Thank you for such a wonderful experience having my photo taken!



I have never been comfortable getting professional photos done and as a result, have never been pleased with the photos that have been taken - I looked stiff and uncomfortable. Mary starts her process by making you comfortable - she’s naturally extroverted and puts you at ease right away. Then, you get hair and makeup done by the artists she works with regularly who do great work. By the time the photography begins, you’re relaxed and looking like the best version of yourself. Then, Mary takes the time to make sure she photographs from your most flattering and dramatic angles. The entire process is wonderful and out of the photos she took, I literally had about 30 favorites - the photos were truly amazing. She is fiercely talented and a pleasure to work with - I cannot recommend her enough!