December 28, 2023


When Gabi first contacted me, she was at a point in her life where she wanted to capture her journey and embrace her true self. Like all of us, Gabi desired to see herself as the beautiful, multifaceted woman she truly is, and she was ready to make that happen. Gabi is nothing short of extraordinary – bilingual, a professional salsa dancer, and a black belt in karate. But her strength extends far beyond her physical abilities; it’s her emotional resilience that truly sets her apart. She faces life head-on, refusing to let anything hold back her pursuit of the life she knows she deserves.

Photographing Gabi was an incredible experience. From the moment we discussed the photoshoot, she had a very clear vision in mind. Gabi’s unique style was her statement, showcasing her confidence while embracing her love for comfort. Some of her wardrobe consisted of a loose button white shirt, leg warmers, and an oversized hoodie which definitely a shows  the fact that sexiness doesn’t need to be revealing. We brought her vision to life, capturing a series of stunning looks that truly reflected who she is.

But the real magic happened after Gabi received her images. She confided in me, saying, ‘You ‘have no idea how much these photos mean to me. It has truly helped me to see my worth and who I am. Not on the outside,  but I can see WHO I am on the inside through these photos”.

Gabi is just one shining example of the inspiring women who truly embrace themselves, know what they want, and aren’t afraid to own it.